Overflow Stories #1

Overflow Stories #1

When grief makes overflow feel impossible

Grief is a very real part of life. I believe, grief comes when our realities do not match our expectations of life.

For example, when we were pregnant with our second son we were told that he was going to be born with a form of dwarfism. This news was unexpected to say the least. We needed to go through a period of grief for the son we thought we were going to have and accept a future that looked very different to what we expected.

The important thing in this story is not the grief itself or the questions evoked when you wonder why this has happened but what I want to reflect upon is how God will never leave or forsake us.


Another version of Hebrews 13:5 puts it another way: “I will never leave you and I will never abandon you”. So, no matter how or what we are grieving today, God will not leave our side. No matter what stage of grief we are in, we know God will be there, the source of all love, purpose and acceptance. Our God is central and integral to any overflow in our life and grief does not halt this process.

So, what can we think this week when we are grieving about something or somebody? When we feel at a loss, there is a deficit and we are emotionally in pain? What will shape our response to pain? I encourage you: Do not shut the door on God… allow the overflow to work through your life and your circumstances.

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