June: Courage

June: Courage

Courage is iconic in itself, to be courageous is courageous right? Yet, this little 7 letter word, is the difference between saving a life and not. It is the wall between ordinary and astounding.

When I think of the word courage, I remember back to primary school, we were awarded virtue certificates if our teacher noticed we demonstrated a certain virtue that month. There were four different virtue certificates you could earn; determination, kindness, respect and of course courage. I remember, children would receive a lot of determination, kindness and respect awards, nevertheless, courage was usually a very rare one to receive.

Thinking back, I feel I can see why, to be kind is mostly easy, you instantly feel good, helping someone in need earns gratification.

Respect is generally reciprocated, giving respect earns trust and respect in return, not as instant as kindness, although received relatively soon.

Finally, determination may be hard, but once you finally push through the barrier that was holding you back from progressing, you are rewarded again with instant fulfilment.

Courage, however, I feel makes no promises of reward, no promises of acceptance and may never see you benefiting from standing ground for what you feel is right.

Courage is one of the most important virtues to hold as a Christian. Being kind, respectful and determined are all extremely important (please don’t think I am belittling them) but courage holds a special place, I feel it comes from only a place of pure love, belief, and faith.

Courage reflects God in everything he is, he died for us! Goodness, gracious me if that’s not courageous than nothing is!

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