June: Breaking out of my comfort zone

June: Breaking out of my comfort zone

Every day in Cambodia, a step outside our front door was a literal step outside my comfort zone. I
was forced to: learn to drive a motorbike in crazy dangerous Phnom Penh traffic; attempt to
communicate with others who did not speak any English; live far away from my support community;
and face overwhelming poverty and corruption on a daily basis.

From a young age I had told my mother I wanted to be a “missionary” when I grew up, and had
enjoyed travel and volunteering for short stints in developing countries in my twenties. Now with an
established career in social work, I still felt there was a desire and a prompting to do more to serve
those who are disadvantaged and oppressed. I was blessed to marry a man who carried the same
passion and vision, and in 2017 we moved to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. We spent one year
volunteering with an organisation, serving in our respective professions. This required a lot of
preparation and sacrifice: financially, mentally, spiritually and emotionally – all of which was well
outside of our comfort zone.

Every single day in Cambodia, I needed God and had no option but to rely on Him – even if it was
just for my own safety and health. So much of what I would normally default to in life for
reassurance, self-worth and comfort were not readily available to me. I have never experienced
loneliness, fear and discomfort like I did during that year and yet, I have also never felt so assured of
my faith and my hope in Him. In stepping out of my comfort zone, I was able to engage with and
encourage people who were also feeling vulnerable, and perhaps have inspired others to follow the
desires God has given them for their life as well.

– Rachel

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