March: Corrie Ten Boom

March: Corrie Ten Boom

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Corrie Ten Boom


If anyone had a reason to be afraid at certain times of her life, it was Corrie Ten Boom. During World War Two her Christian family helped save over 800 Jewish people by hiding them in a closet in her family home. When they were betrayed to the Nazis, her family were scattered through Concentration Camps in Germany. Corrie made it out alive, but other members of her family did not. It’s a circumstance that is so awful and so unimaginable for most of us; however we all have situations in our lives, whether large or small, that render us fearful.  


So what was Corrie Ten Boom’s response to her incredibly challenging and frightening situation? An unwavering trust in God. Before her capture Corrie and her family, inspired by their faith, were deeply involved with serving their community. They had done everything from taking in foster children, to running girls groups and offering food to those in need. This passion for helping others didn’t stop when her circumstances changed. She held secret worship services whilst detained in the camps, and upon her release continued to help those most in need, in spite of the consequences.  She went on to travel the world as an evangelist and motivational speaker, preaching on the power of forgiveness.


It’s fair to say that Corrie Ten Boom probably felt fear, but at the same time she was unafraid.  She smiled in the face of fear and persecution. Not out of pride, but because in God, she was strong and courageous. She trusted in the known God. What an inspiring attitude, what a bold woman.

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