January: Get Your Bold On!

January: Get Your Bold On!

She realised one day, that she was in charge of her choices.


Hand on heart, she dared to ask God about that which harassed her most: would you show me how Lord; would you show me the way?


And she discovered that He would. And He did. And He always does.


God has given us all we need to be in good health – he created our bodies in a way that every action affects another: A structure with a centre of balance that allows us to move. Breath in our lungs to oxygenate our blood which in turn powers our brain, heart and other organs; exercise to release endorphins that can smash depression and hopelessness; senses to Identify the colours/smells we need to eat in order to receive the nutrients we require. He has given us bodies that function so well – and for a purpose! When we are well, we are able to walk in the fullness of how we were created and we are able to carry His message near and far.


If you’re struggling in these areas, can I encourage you to ask God to teach you; to show you; to guide you. Don’t be ashamed; don’t think it’s not important.


… And she realised, it wasn’t about skinny or fat, or pretty or plain. It wasn’t about bulging muscles or perfect curves. It was about strength and dignity. It was about energy and longevity. It was about being able to move and breathe with ease. It was about housing the Spirit of God. It was about having time and energy to relish life and to share Gods love around!


It took courage and it made her bold.

But what a thing to behold, boldness that comes from the Lord!

Love,  Jade xo

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